Terms and Conditions of Coverage and Script Analysis Services

You must accept each of the following statements before proceeding below:

I understand that the Film Springs provides coverage of female-driven scripts in the genres of drama, comedy, adventure, action, family and science fiction. Scripts that are not accepted include those:

If for any reason your script is not accepted or cannot be read and analyzed within two weeks' time, you'll receive a full refund.

I understand that my script will not be shared with any company, talent agency, actor, or any other entity other than the individual whose name is stated on the order form.

I understand that the purpose of this script analysis is solely to get feedback and suggestions on the writing of my screenplay. I am free to accept or reject the information provided in the script analysis report and take full responsibility for whatever may happen with my work as a consequence.

It is my responsibility, if desired, to copyright or register my script prior to submitting it for coverage.

I agree to submit a copy of my script in a standard document format (preferably PDF), that adheres to standard screenwriting format, under 130 pages, written in English. (If for this or another reason the format is unacceptable to the reader, your payment will be refunded.)

I agree to submit one version of one script per payment. Additional submissions (e.g. revisions) will incure separate fees.

I agree not to sue The Film Springs or its principals solely on the basis of receiving (or not receiving) this script analysis, even if a script or film that appears to resemble my plot premise or script subseqently enters the market. (This does not negate your copyright protections.)

I understand that while my payment is in most cases non-refundable, I may request and receive a refund if the reader has not yet started on my script.

I accept these terms.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you'll automatically be transferred to the order page.


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